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The inspiration for a sixties paper sack scrapbook came this past summer our family went on a mini vacation to San Francisco. While wandering around the Haight-Ashbury district I realized I just had to make a paper sack scrapbook with a sixties theme!  The Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco is so much fun!  There is a vintage thrift shop with so many beautiful clothes from the sixties.  There are many little shops with memorabilia from the era, music stores and a really cool arts and crafts store called Mendel's Far Out Fabrics & Art Supplies.  Trust me, I had a good long stroll in that store!  I also love strolling through the streets.  The houses are absolutely breathtaking!  So many are painted colorful colors and are so well cared for.  I am sure it is a lot different than it was in the sixties, but I love the fact that people are caring for these architectural wonders in this creative way. 

My Sixties Paper Sack Scrapbook:

To make the tye-dyed paper background I used a newsprint (absorbent) paper. It was actually packing paper from one of my scrapbooking packages. I folded the paper every which way with lots of different folds.

I then put food coloring and water in bowls (one color per bowl). I dipped a corner of the newsprint paper into a bowl of food coloring and held it there for awhile. I then dipped the other corners in the other colors.

Tip: Use a little water to several drops of food coloring and hold your corners in each color for several minutes to get more vibrant colors. Open newsprint and allow to dry thoroughly before using.

Cut it to the size of the pages in your paper bag book!

I ended up making this for a swap on my Yahoo! group as it was the only way I could find time to get it done.

I made the above pocket by just attaching a half a sheet of scrapbook paper with brads.  A great place to store treasures, such as this postcard I got on my trip.  The ladies I believe were from a sewing pattern from the sixties that I got on Google images.

I got most of my clip art from Internet searches, mostly Google Image searches. Put in words like "farout" and "groovy" et cetera.  The Jerry Garcia sticker below was from my trip as well.

Here is a sixties image you can use from our vintage images page.  This image was from a sewing pattern I had.

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