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I created this paper bag book tutorial because I have been getting a lot of requests on how I am making these.  They are kind of my new addiction.  Hee hee

Tutorial for Paper Bag Book:

Take 12 regular lunch bags and fold them in half.

Cover each side with scrapbook paper.  This would include both outside each paper bag and each inside page of each paper bag. There are two pages you will not cover with scrapbook paper though.  See below.

Do not put scrapbooking paper on one of the bags that is on the outside front and do not put scrapbooking paper on one of the bags that is on the outside back.  These will actually attach to the inside covers (front and back) of your mini album later in the process.

Decorate and embellish your inside pages however you like.  I made this one as a travel journal.  I like to do this part at this point before I bind the book together because sometimes I like to sew on my pages and that is done much easier when the pages are not in the book.  Also make pull outs for the paper bag pockets if you wish.  I like putting little tabs on these and rounding the corners for easier and more decorative pullouts.

For the covers I used a cereal box cut just slightly bigger than the size of my folded bags. 

Cover your two covers with decorative scrapbook paper or handmade paper.  I love this paper that I used.  I got a nice big sheet of it in the handmade paper section of my local scrapbook store.  Yum yum!

I used the sewn tapes binding tutorial that you can find on my website.  I used ribbon instead of fabric strips because the pages are so small.  I marked my binding template out though in the same way as in the previous tutorial.

Think of each paper bag as a signature and bind it up using the sewn tapes binding tutorial mentioned above.

It will look something like the photo above at this point.  Now you are ready to attach your front and back covers that you created earlier with the cereal box pieces.

I put a piece of scrap paper between the top page and the rest of the book to protect the rest of the book.  Then put a nice coating of Mod Podge on that top page.

Carefully place your front cover on top of the Mod Podge.  Smooth out any wrinkles and fit it as best you can while it is still set.  Place something heavy on top of it while it dries.  Now repeat and do exactly the same thing for the back cover.

I trim my ribbons to the size I prefer and glue them down with Tacky Glue.  These are nice and fat paper bag albums, so they are perfecto for a cute little Teresa Collins Perfect Closure.  I love these little buckle type closures.  I just do not get tired of them.  Ever!

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