What's New At Making Mini Scrapbooks

I've created some new tutorials this month that I hope you all enjoy.

First up is the Never Ending Mini Scrapbook, similar to the never-ending card, but bigger!

This book is so fun! It folds in four different ways and is just amazing. Even my husband was impressed. And it's actually quite simple to make.

Another tutorial was added to the Scrapbooks for Beginners area of the website. I am calling it a Folding Mini Scrapbook, but it is a pretty cool little album for both beginners and experienced mini scrapbook enthusiasts.

I also added a new tutorial in the book binding section. This tutorial is called a Chain Stitch and is just a lovely little stitch when creating handmade books and journals.

There will be many more tutorials coming to this section over the coming months!

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Around the Net

This month's featured blog is Ellen Brons from Holland.

Below is an interview I recently had with Ellen. Be sure to visit her blog and website info as well. Lots and lots of good things!

How and when did you first get interested in scrapbooking?
Although I have done many hobbies during my live, getting to know scrapbooking happened by accident about 5 years ago. I had no clue what it was! I entered my local hobby store where they were giving a scrapbook class. There was just one spot left and I could join. Love at first side I must say! Although I make a lot of mini’s I hardly scrap with photos. Also because my minis are often for classes or give-a-ways.

Tell us a bit about your workshops.
I teach classes 1-2 times a month only at my LSS, that is 5 minutes from my home. (So dangerous). I teach a lot of mini albums, but also 3D kind of projects is something I love to do. You can find samples of that work at the blog of my LSS doeading.blogspot.com. At the end of this month we have our demonstration days that we do 2 times a year, I will give a demo of the Vagabond in combination with Tim Holtz distress technics on labels.

Where do you find your inspiration for album ideas and color combinations?
I find inspiration all over the place. It could be just something I see in real live or just a shape or object I see. But also I love to visit all kind of blog to find some more inspiration. For the colors I always find my inspiration in the beautiful papers. I love the vintage papers, but for my classes I have a more broader scope, although I will only use papers that I love. The last couple of years I have developed my own style and only certain paper lines will fit that style. I am not able to create something nice with a paper that doesn’t touch my heart.

I notice some of your albums have boxes or suitcases. Do you create those yourself or are they something you’ve purchased and decorated?
Most of the time I made the boxes myself of 2 mm chipboard. That way I am sure the mini album will fit the box. When I am giving away my minis, and that is quite often, I made a box that could hold the mini because a mini is very difficult to put on a shelf. It also protect the mini from damaging. I am now prepare a mini for a new born baby. This time I have purchased a bucket that I will cover with corresponding paper to fit the mini. In this case the dimensions of the mini should fit the bucket. I am always looking in a kind of dollar stores for cute little boxes/ suitcases or something similar to alter for my mini books as well.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know about yourself, Ellen?
I am a big fan of Tim Holtz and the style of Tim Holtz. To learn that style and to find inspiration I am a member of All Things Tim yahoo group. Last week I had the privilege to meet the man in person and it was such a pleasure!

On All things Tim Euro we will start a round Robbin mini tunnel book. It will take a year from start to finish with 12 participants. I would love to join more swaps and challenges but the high postage cost to the US makes it just too difficult to join.

Check out Ellen's Blog and her Picasa album

If you would like to be featured in a future issue of the Making Mini Scrapbooks please contact me! I am always looking for blogs or websites to feature!