These last couple of years have been very interesting. God uses what we would consider difficult circumstances to bless us in ways we wouldn't expect. One of the reasons I haven't sent out a newsletter in quite some time is that I just quite frankly didn't have the time. With the economic downturn I found myself being the main breadwinner in our family - a first in my husband's and my marriage of 23 years. Through it all though we grew closer to each other than ever before. Dave (my husband) became the most awesome "house husband" a girl could wish for. And I worked like crazy 12 hours a day.

Jaine Drake graciously took over the Yahoo! mini books group, which has just flourished and is better than ever!

I recently started to get back some of my precious time and was able to take some online workshops (oh, so refreshing and great at getting me inspired) and to do some new tutorials for the Making Mini Scrapbooks website.

What's New At Making Mini Scrapbooks

There are quite a few new tutorials available on the making mini scrapbooks website. There are a couple of new projects in the Recycled Books section, including a ticket book and a recycled soap box book.

There is a short tutorial on a glue binding to create a little notebook - great quick gift ideas!

I have also added some more vintage images to the vintage image section. I would also like to encourage you to submit any of your vintage images using the form provided and we can get quite a nice collection for us all to share.

I mentioned I have been taking some online workshops. One of my favorites is Mary Ann Moss' Remains of the Day journals which I just wanted to share a few of my journals with you all. These journals are fun, fun, fun and rather addictive for me!

Around the Net

Sox is a member of our Yahoo mini books group. She has been creating the most beautiful lace Steampunk books. I just love them! She says one of the most fun things about making these books is the hunting for the lace. The best places are thrift stores, garage sales and second hand stores.

Sox says, "In the beginning, I really hesitated using the more beautiful pieces I have in my collection, but now I use them. It's such a pleasure to work with them, and to see those vintage laces on a page." Sox does warn us though - they are quite dangerous to make - once you make one, you'll want to make MANY! Oh, I know the feeling!

You can check out her blog at and her Etsy Shop.

I want to thank you all for your continued loyalty to the Making Mini Scrapbooks website! I am still full of ideas and still passionate about Making Mini Scrapbooks. I would also welcome your tutorials and ideas! Anybody who would like to submit a tutorial is welcome to contact me about that. I will give you a link back to your blog or website and would love the opportunity of discussing the matter with you.