I can't believe how fast the summer has gone! I hope you all enjoyed it to the max and took lots and lots of photos to scrapbook during the cooler months. I just put in a huge order with Snapfish. I love the ease of this service. You just upload your photos to their website, place your order, and in a few days you have your pics in the mail. They even let you pick them up at Walgreens or WalMart now. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter. They have some fantastic deals every month such as 50 prints for 50 pennies, free shipping, etc., etc. I just got a coupon for a FREE flip book! Super cool!

150 Prints for $15! Extended to 9/30!

What's New At Making Mini Scrapbooks

So what's new at Making Mini Scrapbooks? Well, quite a bit actually!

I've created another altered book. This one is an altered scrapbook that I have named "The Scraps of Life." I took a book that I wasn't interested in and turned it into a scrapbook.

I also posted my first try at a Teesha Moore style art journal, along with all of her videos on how to make fabric art journals.

Quite a long time ago I learned about serendipity background paper from our mini books Yahoo group members. I finally got around to making some and I must say I am hooked! I love the way it turned out! I encourage anyone who hasn't tried this to do so. It's fun, fun, fun with amazing results.

Also new at Making Mini Scrapbooks are two new mini scrapbook tutorials. One is on making an altoid tin mini album and the other is a potato chip bag book. As you can see, I am still on my recycled books kick. Must be the economy. LOL

Around the Net

I recently ran across a fresh, new scrapbook site by a young woman who really inspired me. Her website is called Pages for the Ages. I want you all to meet her, so I asked her to do a little interview for our newsletter. I think you'll like her as much as I do.

How did you first get interested in scrapbooking?
I have been passionate about scrapbooking almost my entire life. One of the first big purchases I made as a kid with money from a newspaper route was to buy a film camera. I was keeping photo albums before I could do multiplication. Then, I received a scrapbooking kit from an aunt when I was in 3rd grade. I was fascinated. Suddenly, with paper and scissors I had found a way to really express myself. I was not only preserving memories, but communicating through my scrapbook pages how I felt during those experiences.
Soon I discovered the joy of scrapbooking for others. I wanted to share my love of scrapbooking with everyone! I earned 100 volunteer hours by creating scrapbook albums for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I made scrapbook pages for my friends and family. I even created two giant scrapbook albums for a club in college. As you can tell, scrapbooking is more than “just a hobby” in my life!

Why did you decide to start a scrapbooking website?
Strangely, this terrible economy is partially to blame for the creation of my scrapbooking business. I graduated from college last spring and quickly learned that there were absolutely NO jobs for aspiring German teachers. In fact, not only is there a hiring freeze, but they are firing teachers in my area! Thankfully, my husband was able to find a job in his field and will be able to support us. In the meantime, I had no clue what to do as stay-at-home newlywed with no children. It was my husband who finally came up with the business idea. He knew my passion for scrapbooking and he wanted to see me work for something I loved. With his help and the support of family, I have spent several months researching in pursuit of a dream to run my own scrapbooking website and business. Now, I’m happy to say that Pages for the Ages Scrapbooking LLC is officially up and running.

Tell us a bit about your scrapbooking videos? (Are they for newbies? Seasoned pros? What types of projects are covered?)
Pages for the Ages is posting free YouTube scrapbooking tutorials. Every Tuesday, I post a new episode. The videos are for beginners and seasoned scrapbookers alike. We cover a variety of topics including scrapbooking techniques, reviews of scrapbooking tools, and how-to demonstrations. There are a ton of YouTube tutorials to choose from and I want mine to stand out. That’s why I make the videos not only informative, but also entertaining! I use humor and sometimes even special effects. I really want it to feel like a mini TV show just for scrapbookers! Making the tutorials has been a blast, especially now that my handy husband is my cameraman and editor. I know that the tutorials are only going to get better and more sophisticated as I sharpen my script-writing and filming skills.

What are your future plans for your website? What can we look forward to in the future?
Pages for the Ages plans to expand in several directions. First, I would love to see more involvement from the scrapbooking community in my business. I want to add an “Idea Center” to my website where any scrapbooker can contribute a layout, video tutorial, or how-to article. Second, I would love to get some guest posts on my blog. Third, I want my YouTube tutorials to be influenced by the viewers. I’m always open to covering topics that scrapbookers want to learn more about. Future episodes will include the topics of handmade borders, journaling, and how to volunteer scrapbook. Fourth, I currently only sell premade scrapbook layouts in my Artfire shop. In the future, I plan to do custom albums and pages. Also, I may consider selling through additional venues such as Etsy or Ecrater.

What’s the best scrapbooking advice you can give our readers?
I truly believe that scrapbooking is the best way to capture memories and make them last a lifetime. Don’t let your pictures sit in a box or on your harddrive, but pass on those experiences to the next generation through the most beautiful way possible. Remember not to keep your talent hidden away, but always share your scrapbooking ability with others.

Monthly Contest and Prize Giveaway

The prize for this newsletter will be a license plate book! Entering the contest is super easy! Just send me an e-mail at devitt@jps.net and tell me about the mini scrapbook you are currently working on and you will be entered in this contest. Be sure to enter by September 30, 2010. The winner will be notified via e-mail.

That's it for this month. Have fun Making Mini Scrapbooks!