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Making Mini Scrapbooks Newsletter, Issue #012-- Mini Scrapbook News
August 03, 2017
Hi There! is for Sale!

I have absolutely loved creating this website over the last ten years, but I have finally come to the point of admitting to myself that I just do not have the time to put into it as it (and you) deserve(s). So I have made the very difficult decision of selling the website to somebody who hopefully can take it to the next level and add to it more frequently than I have been able to.

I have done just a little bit of research on the internet and have been told the website is worth between $2,215 and $3,572. I have a substantial mailing list and we get quite a few visitors every day and month.

I will consider any serious offers. If you are interested please just send me an email at

I thank you all, such loyal and sweet friends, for all your love and support over the last ten years. God bless you!


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