How to Make Money Scrapbooking

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If you are wondering how to make money scrapbooking we have a very simple answer for you.  Create tutorials for us!  We are so busy with a myriad of things that we just do not have the time to create all the wonderful tutorials we would love to create for our readers. 

We have seen some of the amazing items some of our readers create on a regular basis and we would love to showcase some of those on our website to share with all of our readers.

How to Make Money Scrapbooking - The Details:

Yes, you can get paid to scrapbook!  You can earn money doing what you love!  We WANT AND NEED your tutorials and will pay you for them!

We are looking for new tutorials on the following ideas:

  • New types of Mini Albums
  • Bookbinding Techniques
  • Scrapbooking Techniques (these can include photo cropping ideas, photo transfer techniques, embellishment ideas, etc.)

The Process:

  1. E-mail us your proposed project idea.  (
  2. If we like your idea we will agree on a price (we usually pay between $5.00 - $30.00, depending on how intricate and in-demand the project is).
  3. Create the tutorial, using at least 5 well-lit photos and a step-by-step written tutorial at least 400 words in length.
  4. Send us all of the above.
  5. We will put it on our website, with a link to your website, blog or shop if you would like.
  6. We pay you via PayPal.

That is it!  Very simple and straightforward.  There is no limit to the amount of tutorials you can make.  We get a lot of traffic on our website too, so if you get a link from us it will help your blog or shop as well.  We will also be sharing the projects on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter) for even more traffic and exposure.

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