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I want to share with you 3 heat embossing techniques on this page.

The three things I am going to show you are regular embossing with heat, using an erasable pen for embossing and finally embossing with glue dots.

Regular Embossing with Heat

Besides the heating tool I showed you above you will also need a VersaMark Watermark stamp pad and some embossing powder. The embossing powder comes in tons of different colors and a jar lasts FOREVER.

The first thing you will do is to stamp your image onto whatever paper you want to use using your Versa Mark stamp pad.  You will then pour a bunch of embossing powder over the top of it as shown below.

Shake off the excess embossing powder.  I usually pour it off onto a sheet of paper and then funnel it back into the bottle.  The powder will stick to where you stamped your image though.

Now take your heat embossing tool and heat this stamped image.  Be VERY CAREFUL as this tool gets extremely hot and you also do not want to let your hand get under it for more than a second or it could burn you pretty badly.  I love watching the image melt under the heat tool.  It is the coolest thing ever!

That is all there is to it!  Now onto another embossing technique.

Erasable Pen Embossing

This technique also uses the heat tool above and embossing powder.  But no stamp or stamp pad.  All you need besides the embossing powder and the heat tool is an erasable pen!  I love this technique for scrapbook journaling.  It makes it very special and enhances your own handwriting.  Simply write your journaling with the erasable pen.  DO NOT ERASE IT! 

Pour embossing powder all over it.

Shake off excess and funnel back into bottle.

Heat with embossing tool.  Now I did a very stupid thing on this.  There are these little static free pouches you can use - and I have one and I was just too lazy to get it out and use it.  But I recommend that you do use it or you will end up with what you see below and that is the little smeared parts where the embossing powder got burned into the paper where there is no writing or stamp.  Of course, I can still use this and I will by trimming it up nicely.  But it would have been easier if I had used the static free pouch.

I love the way the ink kind of bubbles up and has kind of a glossy look to it.  It probably doesn't show up in the picture as neat as it really is.

Okay, last technique...

Glue Dots Embossing

So I'm still working on perfecting this one.  But I heard that you can emboss glue dots to create scrapbooking embellishments.  Put your glue dots down onto your scrapbook paper.

Pour your embossing powder over the glue dots.

Shake off excess and pour back into your bottle.

Heat with embossing heat tool.  Again, I would recommend using the static free pouch.  You can use these dots in various ways as a page border or around a photo or in groups of dots or however you see fit.

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