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This file folder mini scrapbook is bound with the Bind-It-All, a great little personal book binding tool.   Here are the instructions for creating this cute, easy book!

Cut 2 pieces of chipboard or cardboard 7" x 5-1/2". Cover each with a decorative scrapbook paper. I cut mine a bit bigger than the chipboard and folded it over on the back side like a gift wrapping. I then used a solid piece of scrapbook paper or cardstock for the inside cover cut a bit smaller than 7" x 5-1/2" to cover the rest of the chipboard.

For the inside pages (the file folders) I use double sided scrapbook paper in a heavy cardstock. Here is a file folder template for you to use. Using the template, trace and cut out however many file folders you want to include in your mini scrapbook album. I did five folders. I cut three in one direction and two in the opposite direction so that I could alternate the direction of the tabs on the folders. This makes for a more interesting look to the mini scrapbook when complete.

I used the 3/4" O-wires on this book. Center and punch your covers in the BIA machine and then your file folders. Put your pages in book format, with your covers on the outside and your file folders on the outside. Now before you put your wires in, take your back cover and place it face down to your front cover. Put your O-wire in and bind it closed. Now bring your back cover back to the back, and the closing part of the wires are hidden between your last file folder and your back cover.

Now decorate your file folder mini album!

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