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This file folder mini album is made with one regular sized business file folder.  Use one that has the tab at the top rather than in the middle or at the bottom.

Open your file folder open as shown above.

Fold the bottom up to meet the tab on the left side.

Fold the left hand side in so that the part sticking out the furthest lines up exactly with the fold line of the file folder.  (Notice that my husband's name is on the front of the file folder.  That's okay.  You can use one that has been previously used because you will be covering it all up with beautiful scrapbook papers.)

Flip your mini album over and fold the right side over so that everything lines up evenly along the spine of the book.

Decorate all the outside surfaces with scrapbook paper.  You will need to measure and cut and maybe even trace along the file folder tab, etc. to get just the right cut.  I sewed up the two outside corners to make the pockets.  Alternatively you could use brads, eyelets, or adhesive to do the same thing.  Sometimes I just love to sew on paper!  Create extra large tags for the pockets.  I just measured them a little smaller than the pockets and rounded the corners.

Ready for some embellishments.

But first, this is optional.  To create a ribbon closure, cut two slits in the back of the mini album with an Exacto knife.

Feed your ribbon through both sides (from the inside out).  Now you can wrap it around your mini scrapbook to hold it closed.

I should have gone a little lower on mine so that it sat evenly across the back.  But it is not that big of a deal, and I still am happy with the outcome.  I liked the light pink surreal ribbon on this one since I used a Valentine's Day theme.

Here is the inside all decorated.

And the whole album complete.

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