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Faithbooking is basically recording your faith in fun and creative ways.  I think of it as scrapbooking my faith.  It can include so many things and can be done so many different ways.  Some of the things I include are Bible verses, song lyrics (both old hymns and new contemporary Christian music), sermon notes, and things God is teaching me.

I just completed a faithbooking workshop that will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a faith book of your own using old books or anything else you would like for the covers. 

This workshop includes 40 collage sheets!  Not 40 collage sheet images, but 40 collage sheets, each with quite a few printables on them.  You have the option of purchasing the workshop, which includes instructions plus the collage sheets.  Or you can purchase just the collage sheets in my Etsy shop.  This is just a preview of about a third of what is included in this set.

But you can make your faith book or faith journal out of anything at all.  You can create a handbound book or use a journal like the one I have above.  This one had lined pages and I started off just recording some of my favorite Bible verses.  But then I thought I'd like to bring out the paint one day and things were never quite the same in this book.  ;-)

Faithbook Resources:

You can go to our Faithbooking Printables page to print out some free printables for your books. 

Some of My Faithbooking Pages:

I will just share some of the pages from my faith journal to give you some ideas.  I printed and cut out some lyrics to a song that God was using to speak to me.  I journaled about the song on the background paper and cut up the lyrics and glued them around the page.  I posted a little short prayer in the corner.

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