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The duct tape binding is a simple, sturdy book binding structure.  This is a great binding to use for recycled cereal boxes, cracker boxes, etc.  The book in this tutorial is made from the cardboard on the backs of scrapbook paper pads.

Tutorial to Create Duct Tape Binding:

You can make these books any size that you want.  This particular book is a nice 6 inch by 6 inch book.  You can also do with as many pages as you want.  What is slightly unique about this book is that even the inside pages are cardboard or book board.  I used 6 pages in this particular book.

So lay our your first two pages as shown above.  You want a small space between the two pages and you want it to be absolutely even, so a cutting board or mat is a good place to set this up.

Apply a piece of duct tape in between the two pages to hold them together. Flip your book over and adhere duct tape to the other side as well.  Trim off both ends.

Duct (some people call it duck tape) tape comes in a variety of colors and designs these days, which is super fun.  My husband even picks me up rolls when he goes to the hardware store.  :-)  Got to like that!

For your next page you will fold over your first two pages as shown above, pressing the binding flat.  You will then duct tape the next page in the same way with the same amount of space in between the pages.

Continue on in this manner until you have attached all of the pages that you want to use in your mini scrapbook.

The nice thing about this mini albums is that because of the space between the pages, each page can handle and hold a lot of bulk (aka bling!). 

Here is what the spine of the book looks like before adhering pretty scrapbook papers to it.  It is optional if you want to cover the spine with scrapbook paper or even fabric.  Depending on the particular book sometimes I will cover it and sometimes I will leave it exposed.

I like to ink the edges of all of the pages and then adhere individual scrapbooking papers to each page.  Again, it is optional if you want to cover all of the duct tape on the inside or leave some of it exposed.  I like to leave some of it exposed on the inside pages.

For this one, I did cover the spine with scrapbook paper.  I cut it about 4 inches wide and the height of the book, which was 6 inches.

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