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These brown paper bag books are made from one grocery shopping bag each.  This tutorial will tell you how to create one of these types of books.  This one is an altered art, mixed media style.  You can make them with regular scrapbook papers to create a more traditional looking mini album.


Working along the same line at the back of the grocery bag, carefully take the bag apart.

Cut the bottom part of the bag off.

Fold in half lengthwise.  Use a bone folder to create a nice crisp crease.  You will have a long piece of paper at this point.

Unfold and fold in half the other way (width wise).  Use the bone folder again to create another crisp crease.

Fold back one side from the middle crease to the outside.

Do the same on the other side.

Open the book back out and holding the folded side in your hand, cut along the middle line until you get to those folds you just made.

Push the two long sides together, helping the book to sort of stand up.  Help it along, creasing where needed, etc.  This is very similar to the one piece of cardstock mini scrapbook.

Fold the book so that it squares up and press and bone fold firmly to crease nice creases.

Decorate with scrapbook papers, etc.  I actually used wallpaper sample papers for this book because I wanted an altered art look.

This top view allows you to see the inside of the grocery bag.  You can glue this down to avoid showing this if you do not like it.  For this book I do like it showing because I like the rugged look of it and I want it to be obvious that I am using a non-traditional item for the book. 

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