Bind It All Mini Album
(Made from Old Credit Cards)

This Bind It All Mini Album is created with old, recycled and those fake credit cards that come in our junk mail almost daily.  I had heard that the Bind-It-All could cut through credit cards, so I had to give it a try to make a very small mini book! I collected those fake credit cards that come in the mail daily with credit card offers. I had seven of the little buggers in just a couple of days!

These make nice strong base pages for your mini scrapbook albums. I covered each page with a different scrapbook paper. And yes, my personal binding machine cut through the credit cards and the scrapbook paper - no problem!

The Pages of My Bind It All Mini Album:

I really love the size of these mini scrapbooks!  They are just so cute!

These are just the undecorated inside pages of my album.  There are so many ideas on what to put on the inside pages.  Decorate them as a regular mini album with photos and embellishments.  Or use them for favorite quotes.  Use them as a cute Grandma's brag book.

When my daughter and her friend who was over visiting saw the first one I had put together they both wanted one.  So I am collecting those fake credit cards for a second book.

They both decided they were going to pick out some of their favorite Bible verses to put on the pages.  These books are so small they are perfect for your purse or pocket.

I heard the Bind It All can cut through CDs too.  I see a CD book in the near future!  So many mini scrapbook ideas, so little time.  Hee hee

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