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This little Bind It All Calendar is a great desktop calendar.  I have been using the same calendar I made about 5 years ago every single year since.  I simply fill out new Teresa Collins cards and adhere them on top of the old ones, or sometimes I can even take off the old ones and adhere the new ones on top. This year (2016) I am giving you some free printable calendars that will fit perfectly to this size calendar.  You can download the PDF here.

Materials Needed:

2 pieces of 4.2 inch x 4.2 inch chipboard covered in scrapbook paper of your choice
1 Sheet Teresa Collins Calendar Paper, cut into months OR my free printables that you can download here.
13 pieces 4 inch x 4 inch solid cardstock, 1 folded and scored in half
3 pieces of 3/4 inch Bind It All wire (each cut to 6 prongs)

Instructions to Create a Bind It All Calendar:

Punch holes using the Bind It All into both the top and the bottom of the covers and the folded (base) solid cardstock.
Punch holes with the Bind It All in the top of the solid cardstock.

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Attach one of your chipboard pieces and one end of the base onto an O-Wire and close it using the Bind It All machine.

Attach the other chipboard piece and the other end of the base onto another O-Wire and close using the Bind It All.

Feed last O-Wire through both pieces of chipboard at the top and add solid cardstock pages. Close using the Bind It All.

You should now have a little standing frame to hold your calendar up and to be able to easily flip the pages over to the next month.  These calendars make it super easy to flip back and forth between months, even months way ahead or in the past.

Write in the numbers on your Teresa Collins calendar pages or use stickers or stamps. Adhere to your cardstock calendar pages with double sided tape.

I keep this calendar at my computer desk where I perform my work.  It is such a simple and easy quick glance to get the current date or to see what day of the month next Saturday is type of thing.  I use it every single day, so it was more than worth the time and effort it took me to create this.

This little calendar would make great teacher appreciation gifts, Christmas stocking stuffers, gift exchange gifts, etc.

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