Bind-It-All Birthday Card Book

My Bind-It-All allows me to easily organize and save precious cards that are given to me! I made this little book to save my birthday cards this year. I hate throwing away lovely cards that people have taken the time and money to give to me. It occurred to me this year as I kept picking up my cards here and there and not knowing what to do with them, to use my personal binding machine to put them into a little keepsake mini scrapbook.

One thing I really like about the BIA is that it allows you to easily bind pages of different sizes and shapes. I punched my holes right into my cards! I love it!

Yes, I did really receive this card for my birthday this year. I guess my mom had bought me a lovely "to my daughter on her birthday" card, but at the last minute she couldn't find it. She has a children's consignment store and has various children's cards for sale there. I think it's adorable!

I have some special cards I have saved through the years that I am going t bind into a separate book. I am also going to make my Christmas cards into a keepsake book this year. This will be a great way to save all my friends' family and children's photos I always get at Christmas time too!

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